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For The Elegant Her

Collection 3

Created to express the beauty and elegance of all women.

For The Sportive Ones

Collection 9

Created to endure hardship of sportswomen and – men and at the same time express their sportiness.

For The Trendy Ones

Collection 6

Created to fit today’s modern fashion trend: Just simple and beautiful. It shall complement each individuals’ style and taste.

For The Classic Ones

Collection 0

Created just to become timeless. The classic design not only fits calm ladies and gentlemen, but also active youths.

Welcome to Sierre –

A Place Of Inspiration

While tasting cheese and wine from the region of Sierre six watch friends were inspired by this beautiful valley and came up with the idea of creating a Swiss made watch, which on one hand is attractive, affordable and accessible for all of us and on the other hand is connected to sunny Sierre. That is how the Triniso story began.

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